Web Application Penetration Testing

Organizations rely heavily on web applications in performing daily work activities, so they need to ensure the complete security of their software, which cannot be accurately realized except by conducting comprehensive Web Application Penetration Testing.

IM Security web application penetration testing allows you to discover all security pitfalls in your software.

We leverage automatic vulnerability assessment and cutting-edge manual penetration testing techniques to identify all types of malicious threats.

Our web application penetration testing service covers both privately owned applications, as well as those developed by a third party, where our team conducts a thorough analysis of the components of the web application, including source code, databases, and backend networks, to detect the vulnerabilities, prioritize them based on the severity level, and recommend the best remediation procedures accordingly.

Web Application Penetration Testing

IM Security Web Application Penetration Testing Advantages

Following Industry Standard

IM Security adopts the latest web application penetration testing industry standards such as OWASP guidelines, NIST guidelines, PCI-DSS guidelines, FedRAMP Penetration Test Guidance, and PTES standards to attain the most accurate results during the testing process and the compliance of the organization to those frequently updated security standards.

Unmatched Expertise

Rest assured that the web application penetration testing is performed by qualified Security Consultants who possess the technical skills and diversified professional experience working with different clients in various sectors.

Customized Testing

Our team tailors the penetration testing to fit the organization’s specific use by offering security solutions based on the kind of threats that their specific web applications will actually encounter in the day-to-day activities.

Integrated Services

We blend the latest technology with manual testing to offer an end-to-end range of security services that ensure mitigating all risks with robust security solutions.

Transparent Pricing

We offer an inclusive service in a simplified pricing model that helps you make the right decision.

Web Application Penetration Testing