Security Vulnerability Assessments

Vulnerability Assessment is the way to understand and identify the existing vulnerabilities in enterprise IT systems and the risks to assets of the enterprise.

There are various ways to carry out vulnerability checks and evaluations.

Experts make use of different types of modernized and next generation tools to scan the network, the host, wireless networks, applications, and databases to be able to zero-in on weak points in the IT architecture of a business organization.

The role of technical experts carrying out Vulnerability Assessment does not stop at only identifying how susceptible the system is and the precise points that the system is vulnerable at.

Specialists study and review the entire system to assign levels to the vulnerabilities depending on their severity and then suggest the action plan to mitigate the issue.

Specialists need to assess the entire computer ecosystem that include systems, hardware, software programs and applications, networks, servers and the overall infrastructure.

Vulnerability Assessment


Vulnerability Assessment
  • We have the required experience, expertise and competencies to provide our customers with high-quality services.
  • We diligently understand the systems and configurations of your enterprise. We have our customers fill up detailed security assessment questionnaires so that we clearly understand the scope of work and what exactly our customers are looking for.
  • We ensure that our customers are compliant with the requisite security standards and regulations.
  • We also understand with precision the existing security firewall and measures in place to devise the most effective solutions.
  • Once we understand your existing system and framework thoroughly, we share with you a comprehensive action plan for carrying out the Vulnerability Assessment.
  • From the tools being used, to how the entire process will be executed to the final deliverables that the process will deliver, all details are discussed at length with the internal IT team of the customers.
  • Our security engineers are qualified and have gained specialized competency in the field through extensive training and experience. We are licensed and certified by the relevant bodies for offering such specialized services to businesses.


  • Once the Assessment process is completed, we share a detailed report with customers that not only carry a summarized report of our findings but also an exhaustive descriptive of the various activities that have been performed to pin-point the flaws and the remediation solutions that should be considered by the organization to tighten the gaps.
Vulnerability Assessment