Data Protection

Virtual security is of growing significance today. Securing and safeguarding personal data and business-critical data is becoming top priority for all organizations, across all industries. With advancement in technology, storing and transmitting of data is getting more and more complex day-by-day.

This inevitably leads organizations to look for ways and means to foolproof information and data that is the lifeblood of all businesses.

With modern businesses implementing next-generation business solutions, it becomes imperative that such entities also choose the right data protection solutions.

Why is data protection so vital? Because your business data is your asset and there are hackers who are constantly on the move to corrupt or compromise with your vital and critical data. With the nature of data and associated elements becoming more and more complex with passage of time, you need the most robust and power-driven solutions to ensure data protection in your business infrastructure.

Since data protection requires niche specialization, IM Security offers top-class solutions from industry leaders like CISCO, Juniper and Palo Alto.


Business data integrity is a top priority for Cisco – not only for its internal business operations; but also, for its customers and other stakeholders.


The company that is a super-power in the field of next-generation IT systems and architecture, has unique solutions that help in the preservation of data and maintain integrity across different verticals of the business.


Cisco Data Protection Solutions of Cisco CDS has four distinct pillars – simple architecture that enables speedy deployment; supports rapid scaling; addresses operational efficiencies and solutions that are suitable for all types of environment and all kinds of sizes.

Juniper Networks

Juniper Networks

Juniper Data Solutions focuses on providing the most cost-effective data protection systems that also helps streamline the operations of customers.


The solution is based on a seamless architecture that revolves around enhanced visibility, securing cloud systems and automating enforcement.


In so doing, the brand offers some exceptional quality next-generation firewalls or Juniper NGFW, solutions for advanced cyber threat protection, and solutions that are powered by actionable intelligence.

Palo Alto

It offers industry-best solutions that help business organizations in effective management and protection of the complex ecosystem and processes so that data is always secure.


The company’s integrated solutions are aimed at 360-degree methods to make the networks and other entities foolproof and robust.


From ransomware to Palo Alto firewall, methods for securing private and public cloud, wireless infrastructure, virtual desktop infrastructure, threat prevention, internet gateway, mobility and network segmentation – there is all around support and handholding.

Juniper Networks