Network Visualization Solutions

Network virtualization enables network administrators to manage and monitor computer networks from a centralized console.


By optimizing on network visualization, organizations can minimize costs, enhance security of the network and equip the network with increased automation. Such solutions and products are meant for optimizing operations of enterprises.


NV or Network Visualization entails the consolidation of all the physical hardware systems of multiple networks.


With the way the IT infrastructure is growing, it is becoming essential for all organizations to invest in NV.


It results in reduced use of hardware and consumption of power, keeps the IT infrastructure scalable and automates network protocols.

Network Virtualization Solutions
Network Visualization Solutions

Virtualization made a revolution in computing world where:


  • It consumes time, money and virtual space on your hardware.
  • It creates Operating System Virtualization to operate more than one system on the same hardware.

IM Security offers futuristic and pragmatic network visualization solutions to enterprises of various sizes. The world’s best.


IT solution providers like Juniper, Palo alto, Cisco and FS offer world-class next-generation NV solutions.


These are our recommended products.



Juniper NFV or Network Functions Virtualization solutions is a solution that answers multitude of questions with rising complexities of networks across industries.


It also helps address the question of rising total cost of ownership that enterprises need to incur for such sophisticated networks.


The NFV solution combines virtualization with programmability and cloud orchestration to achieve results.


With Juniper NFV, organizations can look to automate by reducing errors and TCO while enhancing the network visibility and making workflows easier and simpler.

Network Visualization Solutions
Network Visualization Solutions

Palo Alto

Palo Alto VM-Series virtual firewalls work on virtualized networks to make them competitive and innovative while taking care of cloud speed and software agility and threat prevention.


This next-generation solution from Palo alto helps in securing data in the virtualized data center and on the cloud systems.



This is an enterprising Desktop Visualization solution that helps with virtualization of network on the premise or in the cloud.


The use of this system helps with reduction in computing costs, simplify operations, improve security as well as support to all types of newer devices.


On-premise desktop visualization helps in expanding connectivity with accessibility to desktops in the data center from any device.


The Cloud-based desktop virtualization is the Desktop as a Service (DaaS). It is managed from an offsite data center that is hosted on the cloud.

Network Virtualization Solutions
Network Virtualization Solutions



FS.COM helps provide reasonable virtualization solution wherein the admin can create multiple virtual servers from a single physical server.


The FS solution helps in enhancing server availability and makes the work of the administrator easy as it centralizes from a single console.

There are three types of virtualization, one of them is network virtualization.

Network virtualization is the ability to create virtual and logical networks from the main network hardware.

It combines many resources in a network to integrate multiple physical networks to create one virtual network. It may also divide one physical network into separated virtual networks. Accordingly, Network virtualization enhances network security and consumes the time of network provisioning. Network virtualization solutions are VLAN, VXLAN and GENEVE.

VLAN is a network virtualization solution that enhances the performance and speed of busy networks.

VXLAN presents a framework for overlying virtualized layer of networks over another layer of networks, while GENEVE provides more flexibility to multiple control plane mechanism.

On the other hand, to have an effective network for your business, a right network infrastructure is needed.

As network infrastructure provides effective communication between services, users, applications and processes.

Accordingly, some network infrastructure solutions are LAN Switches, WLAN Access Points, Data Center Switching, WAN Routers and WLAN Management Software.

Network Visualization Solutions