Big Data

Big Data signifies a collection of huge-sized data that is ever growing in size.

Data this huge in size is of three types – structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

Since complex business ecosystems give rise to equally complicated and complex-natured data, all known methods of data management lose relevance because they cannot help manage and control this nature of data.


Structured data can be saved, used and handled in a fixed format or structure. Example of structured data are employee records maintained by the HR departments.

Unstructured data consists of text, videos and images and other media that makes the data heterogeneous in nature.

Semi-structured data is structured in form but not defined in a formatted manner.

Big Data
Big Data

IM Security is one of the big data companies in the MENA that helps organizations manage big data in the most effective manner.

We work with products from leading brands and manufacturers so that the data is not only captured well but also processed efficiently.

We help organizations manage all types of data, be it structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

With our implementation, analyzing and interpreting such data becomes seamless and smooth.

We provide various big data solutions that focus on market forecast, data analytics, business intelligence, predictive analysis, data science and visualization, big data integration, and consultancy services.

Our recommended big data solutions are from excellent big data companies – Juniper Networks, Palo Alto and Cisco.

Juniper Networks


Junos Network Analytics Suite is the perfect next-generation solution for managing big data.

The product is an analytical solution that is empowered with network and artificial intelligence.

It is targeted for service providers that enables them with routing their network assets and engage in enhanced sales.

Many service providers are able to maximize on their revenue earning opportunities and attract customers.

The Junos Network Analytics Suite is one of the most optimized ways to interpret the value of big data generated by network helping with faster and effective decision-making.

Big Data
Big Data

Palo Alto


Offers next-generation integrated solutions for managing big data and good data.


Palo Alto is one of the perfect solutions for integration and fortifying security data, facilitating artificial intelligence and machine-learning.


The solution is the way to enhance detention accuracy and access rich data.



Unified Computing System or UCS empowers organizations to take advantage of the transformative power of big data to enhance business operations.


Cisco Big Data and Analytics help improve the productivity of data scientists, provides benchmark results and lowers the cost of IT operations.

Big Data

Importance of big data companies in the MENA:

The importance of the huge data for any company is how the company uses the data that has been collected and not by the amount of data it has, so the more of ability for company to use its data, the possibility of its growth.

Therefore, IM Security is one of the big data companies in the MENA that provides a lot of advantages like.


  • Save time & money
  • Understand market conditions
  • You can monitor & improve the online presence of your business
  • Big data analytics service helps to assist organizations with improving and redevelop their items