Enterprise Content Security & Protection Software

Content security policy helps prevent cross-site scripting attacks (XSS) and threats.

It acts as an extra foolproof layer enabling automated detection of cyber security attacks and help mitigate them.

CSP is a backward compatible solution – typically browsers and servers should have content security policies in place – however, it works even when browsers that do not support CSP work with servers that are CSP-compliant and equipped and the other way around too.

IM Security works with business organizations in the proper implementation of appropriate CSP. We work with the following five solutions from the best brands in the business.



Cisco content security management appliance (SMA) is the perfect next- generation solution for multiple Cisco web appliances and email.

The Cisco SMA helps in the monitoring of compliances, improves cyber threat protection, makes the job of administration simpler and at the same time ensures that the enforcement of CSP is consistently happening.

For easy administration, there is the Cisco web security SMA console providing centralized information and tracking facilities.

This helps keep a close watch on the web transactions, applications, and identification of sites, URLs and applications.

The Cisco email security SMA also helps monitor emails so that the email security is never compromised.

Citrix MDM

Citrix MDM


Citrix Endpoint is a leading UEM tool that works across all kinds of devices – smartphones, desktops, laptops, IoT and smartphones.


From a single centralized system, admin can manage all the devices for enhanced security. This tool helps support all endpoints that is ideal for modern business workplaces.


In the end, it helps make the workspace easy and simple to manage with Citrix Unified endpoint management tool.

Palo Alto


Palo Alto Content-ID is the right solution for tracking and analysis of all traffic from a centralized unified platform.


This solution combines software and hardware systems so that multiple threat prevention systems can be integrated for a stream-based approach.


This tool provides the admin with control over traffic and content on complex system architecture and network.


This tool provides the admin with control over traffic and content on complex system architecture and network.

palo alto
Juniper Network

Juniper Network



For end-to-end security, Juniper has come up with the Juniper FW SRX Series Services Gateways that help with intrusion detection, prevention; UTM or unified threat management that covers antispam, web filtering, antivirus and content filtering; application-ware security; and next-generation firewall security.



The content security management tools from Sophos provide advanced protection from targeted cyber threats and ransomware.


The Sophos Web Appliance and the Sophos secured windows endpoints are meant for web protection and full enforcement, so that mission-critical web applications are able to work with minimal latency.