Enterprise Application Software

Enterprise Application denotes software systems and applications that help commercial and business organizations to resolve issues and problems through the use of such applications.


It is an automated and computerized way of finding solutions to enterprise challenges.


These applications or software platforms need to be necessarily integrated with other applications that the company uses to run its operations.


The application enterprise solutions need to be compatible with numerous types of networks and also should have optimized security and administrative functionalities.

Application Enterprise
Enterprise Application Software

IM Security helps business entities in the development of proprietary enterprise apps – apps that are created to work uniquely within an organizational framework.


We also help organizations in the implementation and running of third-party application enterprise solutions on the SaaS or Software-as-a-Service model.


Our modus operandi to deliver optimal performance includes:


  • Understanding the specific and exclusive needs of the organization.
  • Detailing and brainstorming with your internal team on the best options.
  • Development, implementation and training of proprietary solutions.
  • Implementation and training of SaaS solutions.

SaaS enterprise applications can be operated from on premise, be web-based or cloud-based services.


Some of the commonly used enterprise applications include customer support applications, payment processing applications, enterprise application integration, business intelligence, CRM applications, and HR and billing applications.


IM Security believes in providing clients with the most viable business solutions.


In the context of Enterprise Applications, we recommend the software systems and solutions from the following two leaders in the IT industry:

Enterprise Application Software
Enterprise Application Software

Juniper Networks


Juniper Networks uses next-generation solutions that are powered with Artificial Intelligence and automation to provide effective, reliable and simple enterprise network to clients. At the end, security is crucial too – and the organization meaningfully addresses this point.


From enhanced user experience to simplifying operations and improving end-to-end security, Artificial Intelligence-driven Juniper enterprise applications equip business organizations to stay ahead with automated workflows.


From multi-faceted products and solutions, some of the key ones include Contrail that offers network virtualization; NorthStar Controller that helps with granular visibility, WAND IP/MPPLSVIEW that is a multivendor operations support system for IP and MPLS networks.

Palo lto


Palo Alto Cortex is an automated system from the company providing end-to-end computerized functionality that is equipped with smart security operations. The software Suite also helps reduce alerts.


he use of Palo Alto Cortex XDR results in fifty times reduction in alert volumes, eight times faster investigations and 95% automated response.


Best known for automating response, Cortex is about preventing all types of cyber security threats and those that are not preventable, are detected by the software for faster investigation.

Enterprise Application Software