Software Defined Storage

Software Defined Storage or SDS are typically software programs or architecture that are meant to help with data storage management without depending on the physical storage device.


This means that with SDS, unlike SAN and NAS, users are no longer limited as it is not dependent on the proprietary hardware systems.


This provides a flexibility to enhance the storage capacity rather than adding exclusive hardware products.


The use of SDS is a big advantage in terms of the allowing the user to upgrade or downgrade the hardware, as and when required.

Software Defined Storage

SDS products are characterized by:

Software Defined Storage
  • Scalability
  • Management of shared storage pool
  • Centralized administrative interface
  • Well defined policies for maximal control of storage functionalities
  • Aggregation of different storage resources, thereby making things flexible and user-friendly
  • Virtualized data path
  • Standard application programming interface
  • Automation
  • Transparency

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Software Defined Storage (SDS)
Software Defined Storage (SDS)



Using legacy storage devices is no longer the ideal or secure way to store and manage new forms of data.


Cloud storage is a probable solution but it can prove to be expensive and out of reach for many small and big enterprises.


With CISCO USC next-generation SDS solution, rising costs and increasing demands of complex data can be meaningfully met by organizations.


Key features include compatibility with all types of environment and architecture; scalability that enables fast mounting from terabytes to petabytes; and cost-effectiveness compared to legacy appliances and cloud storage.