Consulting Services

IM Security undertakes consultancy services with the purpose to offer enterprises, big or small, IT solutions that help with effective deployment of software-hardware initiatives.

Managing and implementation of Enterprise Applications, Data Centres, Virtualized Networks, Big Data, NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls), SIEM (Security Information and Event Management).

Data Protection from cyber security threats and more such complex infrastructural elements of IT architecture require working with multiple vendors and parties and hence, can get quite challenging.

IM Security, as the best Consultancy Company in the MENA, ensures that the interest of the customer is protected throughout the life cycle.
As a consultant, we acquire thorough understanding of your organizational needs and objectives, existing processes and systems to:
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
  • Assist you with deciding the optimized choice of IT solutions that match with your present and future business needs


  • Monitor the progress of implementation and deployment work with a bird’s eye view on the entire process.


  • Help in the smooth transition to the new systems and solutions. Strategizing and planning with the change management so that stakeholders, internal and external, are all on the same level.

Why IM Security?

  • Our expertise and experience in the field of complex IT architecture, networks and servers, data management, security services, working with Endpoint Security and Perimeter Security, Managed Security (MSSP), SaaS (Security as a Service) and Security Training helps us offer the most strategic business solutions to customers.
  • Our team consists of seasoned professionals from the field with years of hands-on experience and knowledge. We have been able to deliver exclusive solutions to our customers with hundred percent success ratio, until date.
  • We associate with our clients as partners where your bottom lines matter to us as much as our own. We commit ourselves to ensure that we are able to bring in the most cost-effective IT solutions to your business systems and processes so that there are meaningful gains.
  • As consultants, we oversee that the objectives are realistically defined, that the path is clearly charted out and that the action takes place in accordance with the decided strategy. as we are consultancy company in the MENA, We are available to identify risks, ensure regulatory compliance and assist with appropriate and timely risk mitigation strategies.
  • IM Security is committed to ensure that you are able to achieve the short-term and long-term business goals with the implementation of the new IT solutions. We also undertakes as a consultancy company in the MENA due diligence to make your systems failsafe by assessing vulnerabilities on a regular basis and advising on preventive solutions.