API Penetration Testing Services


Software development revolves around APIs, which link and transmit data and logic between many applications and systems. so, any API malfunctioning or abuse can lead to major data breaches. Accordingly, if your API links to a third-party application, it is critical to understand how it sends data back to the internet. IM API penetration Testing team understands that not all APIs are created equal, and protecting them requires comprehensive analysis and testing.

IM API penetration testing tools enable you to benefit from a secure API implementation through assessment of both REST (Representational State Transfer) and SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). In our API penetration testing, our team utilizes both automated assessment and manual penetration testing to detect an array of weaknesses including the vulnerabilities in the OWASPs top-ten list, then, we prioritize the weaknesses based on their severity to remediate them.

Moreover, Our API penetration testing team conducts rigorous testing to detect any insecure or incomplete API configuration or identify vulnerabilities in backend application logic and the API source code. The team simulates a real attack to evaluate, function by function, the strength of your API against threats ensuring all vulnerabilities are identified.

IM API Penetration Testing Advantages

  • Professional Expertise

IM API penetration testing team comprises experienced security testers who have a strong software development background that helps them detect all API vulnerabilities and accurately define the penetration testing scope.

  • Extended Coverage

IM delivers high-quality API penetration testing services to the clients which cover Web Services (REST/SOAP), and API.

  • Documentation and reporting

We document the testing procedure findings and provide clear, precise, and descriptive penetration testing reports to the organization with accurate remediation recommendations.

  • Proactive Tactics

Our findings are always based on real-world attack testing, we don’t assume the danger of attack based on hypothesis.

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