Data Center Management Infrastructure Solutions

Data is the crucial element of all business enterprises today.

As the essence of data management and securing data becomes imperative, enterprises need to work with the best solutions for effective workflow.

Data Centres have today become a challenging area of work because of three reasons – one, because this is where all the critical applications of the enterprise are running; second, because these need to be reliable and third, because security aspects need to be addressed meaningfully.

Modern-day business scenarios need Data Centres in the MENA that are able to manage enhanced workloads and have the feature to scale up or down as per need.

Data today moves between private and public cloud systems as well as on-premises machines and servers.

It is all a very sophisticated architecture and you need the best solution provider who not only understands it logically, but also is able to offer the most effectual solution.

Data Center
Data Center

With IM Security’s enhanced capabilities in this context, Data Centre management and operations can become easier and simpler for enterprises that choose us as their partner.


We offer end-to-end solutions that focus on not only safeguarding your mission-critical data but also ones that are able to manage the workload of applications with cyber security intertwined across all virtualized, physical and cloud environment.


With our implementation, enterprises can deploy workloads and enforce policies across complicated architecture and environments.


With our expertise and experience in the field, you can look forward to create a thoroughly protected IT ecosystem that is capable of identifying and protecting against malware and zero-day exploits.



Data Centre products that include switches enable IT architectures to run and operate in secured environment.

They also facilitate robustness to the entire system.

Three important elements of the Juniper Network Data Centre solutions are – connectivity, visibility and deliverance.

Junos as the dependable operating system and Contrail as the working platform, enterprises can build on-premise automated Data Centres with Juniper NGFW.

System administrators can orchestrate, manage and control networking functionalities with embedded best practices.

Data Center
Data Center

Palo Alto


Offers preventive-focussed NGFW architectural setup to enterprises to reduce complexities and offer a failsafe environment for data management and application workloads.


Palo Alto solutions are meant to provide the right kind of visibility and control, surrounded by the strong effects of Palo Alto NGFW.


Palo Alto Networks helps integrate SDN controllers with virtualized networks that offer a comprehensive platform to handle dynamics workloads.

  • With the continuous development and the increase in complex and sophisticated operations all over the world in general and in the field of business in particular, the urgent need for an orderly system that can control and monitor every operation by data center in the MENA and follow up and control applications increases.
  • The more the company’s capabilities are organized, the more successful and effective it is. Therefore, the main secret behind every successful institution or company remains in organizing the available resources, and therefore it is necessary to choose a service provider who can effectively and orderly organize the services and the main process of the company through the data centers in the MENA.
  • The companies and institutions that cooperate with us are distinguished from their counterparts in that we offer improved IT Security capabilities in this field, which makes the process of controlling and managing data effectively, whether with applications or through the cloud system, and all of this is under a mighty, impenetrable firewall, which guarantees the existence of confidentiality and complete for all the data of the institution or company.