Penetration Testing Services

No business entity today is out of harm’s way – in the context of cyber security.

There are alarming stats available that show that about 43% of attacks are all targeted at small business enterprises while there is a cyberattack being planned and executed every 39 seconds.

With Penetration Testing services, thankfully, existing cracks and vulnerabilities in the network infrastructure can be identified well in advance to undertake preventive measures.

Such testing requires acumen, skill and knowledge.

IM Security is a leading service provider in the field – equipped with people who have specialized expertise in the field.

We also use the latest tools, software and hardware equipment in combination with simulated test scenarios to carry out extensive Penetration Testing services of networks, applications, the entire IT architecture, configurations, operating systems, servers and devices.

Penetration Testing

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Penetration Testing Services

Vulnerability Assessment:

A vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritizing the vulnerabilities in a system.


Patch Management as a Service:

Maintaining the functionality and security of your critical systems and applications depends on being able to react fast to unscheduled patches for zero-day vulnerabilities.


Risk Management:

Performing a gap analysis of the existing controls, identifying areas where there are significant deviations. This can then be used as the basis for a risk-prioritized approach to applying new controls that mitigate identified gaps and setting strong policies for effective cyber security.

How does Penetration Testing benefit organizations?

helps business organizations understand and track various loopholes that exist in their current IT network system. Knowing the vulnerabilities in advance helps because organizations are better geared to face hacking and exploitative activities.


IM Security provides Penetration Testing Services that are able to viably detect vulnerabilities in the system, and offer preventive remediation strategies to overcome the issues.


  • The purpose is to gain a synopsis of the existing system and the security measures that are in place.
  • Check-up the entire IT Infrastructure for assessing weaknesses of the system and conduct non-compliance related checks.
  • Our exclusive Penetration Tests pertain to Physical Tests, Remote-Access Tests, Network Tests, Web-application tests, Engineering Tests and Client-side device tests.
Penetration Testing Services
Penetration Testing Services

These tests are all put into action under simulated conditions to replicate real-life cyber security scenarios. We use three globally recognized methods to conduct these tests:


  • External Testing that is also known as Black Box Testing.


  • Internal Testing that is also called the White Box Testing.


  • A combination of the External and Internal Testing called the Grey Box Testing.

We plan the entire test by specifying the end objectives, scope and defining the methodology.


We then undertake the test using specific intrusion tools and techniques. Finally, we analyse the results and prepare the report. The report is then shared with the client team where results are discussed, the identified vulnerabilities are pointed out.


The testing protocol is mentioned and lastly, a detailed action-plan or recommended solutions are listed and discussed to resolve the issue/s.


Call us to know more about Penetration Testing services and how it can help mitigate risks in your existing IT ecosystem.

Penetration Testing Services