SIEM Solutions

SIEM Solutions

Relying on legacy security systems or outdated traditional firewalls may not only threaten your business, but they may also make you subject to legal fines in case of data loss or privacy breach. You need to keep an eagle eye on all network activities within your organization 24/7. the only way to accomplish this mission is to implement SIEM solutions. SIEM or Security Information and Event Management are a collection of integrated tools that provide capabilities such as real-time network monitoring, threat detection, security incident management, and overall assessment of the network infrastructure and the IT system. IM SIEM Solutions are the perfect blend of utilizing the state-of-art SIEM technology and attracting the best cybersecurity experts in the market to safeguard all the assets of your organization.


IM SIEM is your gate to Digital forensics and incident response; it streamlines workflow using multi-source log data. We utilize cutting-edge technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning for event tracking, data aggregation, and alerts analysis from the available IT assets within the organization, particularly, the network end points. This tremendously reduces the time and resources required to identify and react against potential cyber attacks, it also bolsters security infrastructure, as well as remediates all malicious activities by efficiently detecting and monitoring network vulnerabilities in real-time.


IM SIEM Solutions analyze and prioritize threat hunting based on the criticality and influence of the attack on disrupting the business. They investigate User Behavior Analytics (UBA) to monitor usage patterns that may indicate any suspicious behavior. They also provide comprehensive and detailed reports about what data and systems might have been affected during an attack.


Moreover, IM SIEM is subscription-based service, so, even if you own a small enterprise, you do not need to invest heavily to implement the service.