Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Nowadays, Mobile applications process a greater volume of sensitive and personal data. so, they have become targets for hackers who aim to gain access to sensitive customer and corporate information by exploiting app security flaws. Accordingly, organizations need to get assurance that their mobile app is secure for users, and that’s why mobile penetration testing is vital for all organizations.

In conducting mobile app penetration testing, IM experts adopt a rigorous methodology to determine the overall mobile application security posture. They replicate the threat created by hackers to determine the resilience level of your mobile application to these different threats and identify the security gaps to remediate them. Our testing includes applications developed by the company or by a third-party provider. Our mobile penetration testing experts have first-hand knowledge about mobile app vulnerabilities and developing their understanding of the constant threat evolvement. This allows us to examine your apps’ weaknesses in an efficient manner.

Our Mobile penetration testing methodology comprises Both automatic testing using cutting-edge technology and advanced human-driven penetration testing to analyze vulnerabilities. It is designed to uncover all mobile app security threats as highlighted by OWASP and MITRE CVE/SANS.

We also utilize static, dynamic, behavioral, and archive analysis to perform a comprehensive app check before and after the release, in addition to conducting a thorough assessment of the iOS and Android app installation packages.

IM Mobile Penetration Testing Advantages

  • Reliable Experts

IM experienced application penetration testing specialists utilize a vast number of resources and knowledge to determine the best practices to ensure mobile application security.

  • Relevant methodologies

We deploy the most pertinent testing methodologies that detect and remediate the mobile apps’ security flaws.

  • Thorough Testing

IM testing identifies and mitigates all minor and major vulnerabilities.

  • Integrated Services

We use various techniques and tools to fully protect the whole IT infrastructure.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing