Virtual Desktop and Applications

In the world that is steadily going virtual and remote, the need to shift to virtual desktop and applications is becoming almost mandatory in all spheres of organizational processes.


With a virtual desktop, remote employees are able to access their computers from anywhere in the world.


The data, applications and operating system stored on the network can be accessed using login details by the user, remotely.


The desktop is in the virtual environment and is separate from the physical device that can be accessed from the desktop.

Virtual Desktop and Applications

Why should organizations use virtual desktop and applications?


Enables remote working for making the system mobile.

Enhances the security aspects of the entire ecosystem as it all works in next-generation cloud platforms.

The data is never stored on the local machine – it travels to the backend datacentres.
Places the entire control of the virtual desktop and application ecosystem in the hands of the administrator.

Enhances performance with improved uptime.

IM Security helps in the implementation of pioneering next-generation software/hardware solutions from the best in the trade to help make your organizational IT processes and systems more effective and efficient.

In the context of virtual desktop and applications, our recommended solutions are from:

Virtual Desktop & Applications

Juniper Networks


Juniper’s MAG Series Junos Pulse Gateways or SA Series SSL VPN appliances are the best next-generation solutions for providing secure access to virtual desktops and applications as well as servers.


This is an optimal solution for access to all types of applications; be it web application, client application, server application and more.

All this can be achieved from smart devices like the smart phone. This helps save time while improving virtual experience.


The series is flexible and works optimally across all types of devices and operating systems. It also creates a secure network, free from the clutches of hackers and threats of cyber security.



Virtual Apps and Desktop is an on-demand service that enables IT administrators to deliver any app or desktop when the user requests.


Best for meeting all kinds of business needs, this Citrix solution enables seamless access to Windows, Linux, web-business applications, virtual desktops whether located on premise, on the cloud or on a hybrid architecture.

Virtual Desktop and Applications
Why IM Security?

F5 IT network



Virtual Desktop Deployment Professional Service is the means to deploy virtual desktops in the F5 IT network and ecosystem.


The product supports network configuration, analysis and planning, and reviews.