Managed Detection and Response



IM Security Managed Detection and Response service is a fully integrated cyber security service in which IM Security leverages technologies like machine learning and Artificial Intelligence, as well as human expertise for threat hunting, monitoring, and immediately responding to any potential cyber attacks.

With automated millisecond response action to threat detection deep within the attack lifecycle, IM Security Managed Detection and Response service detects and prevents all malicious operations, and it helps you act proactively even before the attack occurs, as IM Security MDR protection is mapped to the MITRE Att&CK Model.

IM Security Managed Detection and Response services cover a wide spectrum of cyber security for your organization including proactive protection, autonomous prevention engine with cloud connectivity, threat intelligence, root cause analysis, incident management, compliance management, and security awareness.

MDR Solutions Guarantee Full Protection of your

Systems, Files, and Network EndPoints

Protection Methods provided by IM Security


  • identifying and preventing ransomware before they encrypt your data.
  • Hunting down and stopping fileless or in-memory attacks.
  • Averting Phishing to prevent the execution of malicious documents.
  • Deploying a small anti-tampering agent that can work independently
Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

MDR Solutions Utilize Different Types of Threat Hunting to Give your

Organization Multi-layered Protection Against all Threats in Real-Time

MDR Threat Hunting Solutions Types

  • Intelligence Driven Threat Hunting:

gathering different third-party data sets to generate actionable threat intelligence to detect malicious actors sneaking towards your network.

  • Analytics Driven Hunting:

merging and analyzing data science algorithms, ML, and statistical data to detect potential risks.

  • Analytics Driven Hunting:

understanding adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures by analyzing indicators of compromise.

utilizing the latest threat detection technologies that allow our experts to study historical data to identify threats, and to conduct Retrospective analysis.

  • Live Hunting:

robust telemetry connected with high accuracy threat intelligence hunts for threats across endpoints that have bypassed security protocols.

Managed Detection and Response