IM Web Vulnerabilities Scanner

Web Vulnerabilities Scanner

IM web scanner is a web application security solution that performs an automatic vulnerability scanning for all your web assets. It crawls your website and analyzes your web applications against all web application security flaws that can expose your business to potential security risks.

It is a developed web application security testing solution that you can utilize as a standalone solution or as a part of complex environments.

By integrating IM web scanner with your security testing solutions, you enhance your cybersecurity posture and mitigate various security risks in a cost-effective manner.

IM web scanner is one of the most powerful vulnerability scanning solutions on the market, as it scans for over 7,000 web vulnerabilities, including OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities), and examines your websites for unpatched software, misconfigurations, unprotected databases, and other security gaps.

It is more than a web vulnerability scanner. It includes built-in vulnerability assessment and vulnerability management, in addition to other assorted options for integration with market-leading software development tools.

Key benefits

  • With IM web scanner, only 5 clicks to get deep and detailed insights about the security strength of your web assets against hackers’ attacks. In addition, the unique scanning algorithm of IM web scanner (SmartScan) enables you to locate 80% of the vulnerabilities in the first 20% of performing the scan.


  • Because the vulnerability scanning engine of IM web scanner is developed in C++ programming language, it is one of the fastest web application security solutions on the market. This is beneficial in scanning complex web applications developed using a lot of JavaScript code.


  • IM web scanner can be integrated into your SDLC so that web vulnerability scanning becomes a part of web application development.


  • IM web scanner provides proof of exploit for many vulnerabilities. It also generates a very low false-positive rate, which saves resources during further penetration testing and gives the analysts the opportunity to concentrate on tackling new vulnerabilities.
Web Vulnerabilities Scanner