SOC as a Service

All organizations need protection against the growing number of sophisticated cyber-attacks. This requires the technical expertise to monitor threats 24/7, and This is when Security Operation Center (SOC) service comes into play.

IM SOC service provides the organization with an end-to-end detection and response solution to stand against today’s cybersecurity challenges at an affordable price.

Our experts monitor your network infrastructure and the entire IT system on-cloud and on-premises to detect advanced threats and mitigate any risk before they impact your business.

IM offers its valued customers a fully integrated SOC service including Managed Detection and Response (MDR), SIEM capabilities, SOC experts, etc.

With IM, you achieve optimum 24/7 cybersecurity without the high costs and complexity that come with establishing, staffing, and managing one in-house.



Why do you choose SOC Service from IM?


  • Exceptional cybersecurity experts: Our SOC team comprises certified security experts and professional analysts such as SIEM Analysts, cyber risk analysts, threat hunters, forensic researchers, security analysts, security engineers, etc. to ensure the continuous monitoring of all risks, and the maximum seamlessness of all operations.


  • 24/7 SOC service: we deliver advanced threat hunting and incident response services around the clock to constantly protect your organization from known and unknown cyber attacks.


  • Easy Integrations: to deliver superior SOC Service, we use open-architecture solutions which can seamlessly operate with all existing tools.


  • Superior platform: IM robust MDR is cloud hosted, it is powered by AI and Machine learning to ensure proactive Monitoring and identification of any abnormalities or suspicious activities.


  • Threat Intelligence: Our forensic experts conduct continuous lab research to update our threat intelligence and be aware of the latest tactics. They implement threat intelligence best practices and preventative Maintenance to fully protect the assets of the organization from all cyber attacks.