Security Information and Event Management

SIEM or Security Information and Event Management or SIEM Solution is a software program or system that is responsible for collecting and aggregating data throughout the entire network and infrastructure.


The data collected is log data and includes information from all elements in a technical infrastructure like firewalls, antivirus programs and filters, applications and programs, host systems, security devices and more.


The data so collected by the system is then analysed and evaluated for various purposes.

As a premier security player, IM Security helps organizational IT teams in implementing relevant and integrated SIEM software system.


We work with the following high-tech software programs from world-class developers and software companies.

Juniper Networks
cisco siem

Cisco SIEM

Powered by high-end technology, CISCO SIEM is featured by its robustness and scalability.


The objective of the system is to meet diversified security needs of organizations in the complex business scenarios today.


Going further, the system also addresses the reporting needs of organizations. Since CISCO is a leader in this industry, there is flexibility with customers giving them the chance to select tools that fit perfect with their specific environments and needs.


CISCO SIEM has been developed to offer enhanced interoperability and complements with CISCO Security Manager and CISCO Security MARS.

Juniper SIEM

Juniper JSA Series offers unparalleled collation and analysis of surveillance data and can be managed from a centralized console.


The system offers scalable analytics of log data, threat analytics that detects sophisticated threats; compliance management and regulatory mandates, acts as a vulnerability scanner, quantification and managing of risks, and the Junos Space Security Director for remediation of offenses.

Hybrid Converged Infrastructure Solutions
FireEye SIEM

FireEye SIEM

The FireEye Helix Security Operations Platform is equipped to work as a next-generation SIEM system.


The software is meant to provide an integrated and holistic visibility of the security of the environment so that it is smart to detect threats from multiple points in the background of new-age attacker TTPs – Tactics, Techniques and Procedures.


It also has a customized dashboard that helps with the investigative flow and efficiency of the system.

Palo Alto SIEM

Palo Alto offers an integrated enterprise solution that help with advanced Palo Alto threat detection and prevention and investigations.


The next-generation system is integrated with SIEM software for data collation and trend analysis.


This is one of the most effective software programs for comprehending data breaches and identification of any threat and suspicious activity.


It helps IT administrators to deal with resolution and response to the growing complexity of the threat landscape.

Palo Alto SIEM