Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System

NGIPS or next-generation intrusion prevention system is the use of advanced next gen devices in the network infrastructure of complex IT eco-systems that permit only authenticate traffic to enter and exit from the network while blocking off intruders along with potential invasions.

The best next-generation intrusion prevention system will be intelligent enough to understand and detect complex intrusions and attacks.

IM Security offers futuristic and integrated next-gen solutions for intrusion prevention. These are the best ones in the industry of next generation intrusion prevention tools and we offer our clients comprehensive solutions.

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Juniper NGIPS

Juniper NGIPS combines the Intrusion detection system or IDS and intrusion prevention system (IPS) functionalities to help make your systems turn foolproof and failsafe.


The next-gen feature helps in monitoring all possible signs of intrusions that could range from imminent threats to high-tech incidents and violations.


Juniper NGFW is one of the most cost-effective solution that can be customized for helping stop cyber criminals from breaching the security of the organizational infrastructure.


From the world’s pioneering IT and software firm, Cisco NGIPS is designed to enhance the security of organizational networks and take things to another level.


Cisco SecureX offers an integrated platform making managing and monitoring networks easy and centralized.


With CISCO next-gen system it is possible to customize security features where users can choose between a host of features like device-level operating system visibility, file trajectory and sandboxing.


Cisco Talos helps forewarn IT administrators about a new threat. Cisco Firepower NGIS is meant for the protection of mission-critical assets.

Palo Alto NGIPS

Palo Alto NGIPS

Palo Alto’s next-generation IPS is the right solution for the detection of anomalies.


It is ably able to match signatures and the sequence of packet arrival. The software is capably coded to comprehend the vulnerabilities and potential of the network being exploited.


There is endpoint security protection as well as a deeper understanding of sophisticated weapons and codes that modern-day hackers are using to threaten user and other entities like service providers to compromise their data.


The Local Traffic Manager from F5 is another effective tool that helps organisations prevent and lessen chances of variable attacks on their network and systems.


It also offers unparalleled visibility; the software offers practical means to fight malware and bots. Since the hardware processor specializes in SSL processing.


The F5-NGIPS tool offers focused SSL traffic visibility thus, helping leverage the network against threats and attacks.