Virtualization Software Solutions

The process of virtualization involves running numerous operating systems on a single system at the same time – though it seems that the applications are running on their own when they run on the virtualized machine.


Applications run on the top machine while the host operating system is below it.


It serves numerous purpose – desktop users can run any application that needs a different operating system from the same machine without changing computers or rebooting it.


Administrators, on the other hand, are able to maximize on the usage of servers and serve multiple platforms and users with equal ease and flexibility.


Hypervisors help run programs that facilitate the creation of virtual machines.


The virtual machine runs on the top of another machine and has access to multiple resources but has only limited access to the CPU and memory of the host machine.


With IM Networks, solutions are guaranteed for excellent performance and reliability.


We work with the best solutions providers to offer optimized solutions to our customers.


For virtualization software solutions, our recommendations are solutions from Juniper, Palo alto and Cisco.



Juniper offers one of the most agile and yet flexible NFV solution.


The carrier-grade Network Function Virtualization software solution from Juniper is apt for handling existing issues with service providers.


Issues like rigid infrastructure and rising operating costs can be challenging for service providers. Juniper NFV is powered by machine learning that helps service providers in optimizing their distributed cloud infrastructure.


The main features are – dynamic cloud orchestration, scalable connectivity, remediation of potential failures, virtualized network function optimization, reduction of errors and total cost of ownership.

Juniper Virtualization Software Solutions
Palo Alto Virtualization Software Solutions

Palo Alto


Palo Alto’s Next-Generation Virtual FW or firewalls ensure speed with enhanced agility to service providers.


The VM-series from the company is meant for securing the environment with infusion of segments and smaller sub-segments to leverage cloud speed and application agility.


The solution converts the virtualized infrastructure to provide a competitive edge to business operations and innovations.



The company offers Cisco Unified Data Center for a securer and simpler desktop virtualization solution along with application virtualization. The Cisco Desktop Virtualization offers the need to work with lesser servers and management of cables.


It is scalable and offers excellent user experience. The solution also offers guaranteed performance, faster payback, helps protect investments by optimizing the infrastructure and strengthening saving initiatives.


The solution uses Cisco Validated Designs for reducing risks when moving to full-scale production format. The solution is apt for large and small businesses and also for industry-specific solutions.

Cisco Virtualization Software Solutions

Benefits of Virtualization Software Solutions

Reducing operating costs is the most advantage of virtualization software solutions, and the ability to share and own resources mean lower purchase costs and less energy consumption.


But there are other benefits for virtualizations software solutions include:



  • Virtualized solutions allows for cloning.
  • You can easily manage your data center.
  • Virtualization software helps to Increase Productivity for Your IT Team.
  • Virtualization software solutions helps to solve a number of problems for businesses of any size.


Im security provides you all virtualization software solutions which help you to improve you productivity & reduce costs.

Virtualization Software Solutions