SD WAN Solutions

SD-WAN or Software-Defined Wide Area Network is meant for improving connectivity within different branch offices, cloud-based systems while ensuring easy deployment.


It also helps reduce costs and offers a centralized platform for convenient manageability.

The software is based on Software-Defined Networking or SDN technology.

It is applied to Wide Area Network connections or WAN.

SD-WAN helps provide reliable solutions to network connections like LTE, 4G and MPLS.

Geographical boundaries are no longer a limitation with SD-WAN.

With this kind of automation, service providers can look forward to segmenting, partitioning and safe-guarding traffic across multiple connections on the WAN.

SD WAN Solutions
SD WAN Solutions

IM Security offers the most cost-effective SD-WAN solutions that help address the needs of complex IT ecosystems and enterprise requirements.


Our method of working makes sure that our customers are able to derive maximum performance, with best prices and flexibility vis-à-vis the traditional hardware-centric solutions and other next-generation products like WAN and MPLS.


While WAN takes times and is based in manual administration, MPLS or Multiprotocol Label Switching is costly and apt for complex networks only.


ISD-WAN has proven results in the area of network security. With cyber security becoming a big challenge, SD-WAN helps incorporate all required elements of security into the business architecture by partitioning mission-critical assets and traffic.

IM Security ensures that the SD-WAN solution that is being offered and implemented for your specific business environment

  • Supports different types of connections and WANs
  • It is dependable with automated connections
  • It has a centralized console management system
  • Offers path selection optimization
  • It’s an agile system that is operational effectively in the new-age challenging cloud networks
  • It has zero-touch provisioning
  • Offers cost-effective alternatives to all types of enterprises
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SD WAN Solutions

Juniper (Virtual-SMES – Mid Size Enterprise – Mid Size Enterprise and Data Centers- Large Data Center Service Providers).


Juniper SRX Series is a next-generation firewall application that works well with all organization size – be it a small or mid-size enterprise, data center or cloud-based application.

The vSRX Series helps administrators enforce automated security that provides visibility across all virtual and physical applications, servers and network.

Capable on multiple environment – be it private, public or hybrid cloud, the solution is marked by scalability and flexibility that is unique.

The difference between the SRX and vSRX series is that the latter is a NGFW that is virtualized.

Rest, the features are the same – strengthening networks, automated life-cycle management, core firewall functionalities and complete next-gen capabilities.